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Users on online forums often ask questions related to the process of charging the phone, some questions are so interesting that we will discuss all of them in turn. There are many facts and myths about charging on the web, so I decided to create this article. The following tips are based on my past experience with mobile devices. These are subjective observations, you don't have to agree with the advice contained here, and I even urge you to check additional sources of information to see what they have to say in this regard. See more:

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Whether to use the phone while charging

When charging your phone heats up, if you load it with games or applications, the temperature inside the device will increase even more. Unfortunately, the higher temperature, the shorter battery life, so if possible, try not to use the phone at all during charging, and if you do, use applications that are not demanding.

Users who want to use the smartphone while charging can choose the option with a special cooling pad, which will reduce the temperature a little. However, you should still avoid charging and using the device at the same time.

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Whether to charge the phone to the end

One of the websites once conducted tests in this regard. As they showed, it is best to charge the phone to a level of 80%, because the final charging process kills the battery the most. On the software market you can find applications such as Accu Battery, which will allow you to charge your smartphone only to a certain level. It will also allow you to check the charging parameters and battery temperature.

Does charging your phone overnight damage the battery

Modern smartphones are protected against excessive charging, which in practice means that the battery will not be charged after exceeding a certain limit. The ceiling is set by the manufacturer's software, so I can not answer the question how much it will be. Of course, there are divergent opinions in this regard, some believe that the battery after reaching 100% is still being discharged and recharged which shortens its life. I have not observed such a thing, but also the sample of smartphones on which it is based is narrow, so it is difficult to 100% answer this question. Fast charging of a smartphone in my opinion is much more dangerous than leaving it overnight under the charger, but every specialist is a different opinion. I encourage you to get to know the opinion of other people.

Can you charge the phone through the computer

Sure, you can charge your phone via the USB port on your computer, but note that it is optimal if you use original chargers and cables for charging, which are fully compatible with your device. Only then can you be sure that the charging process will not adversely affect the acceleration of the aging process of the battery - and unfortunately this can happen when charging either with a powerbank or with the USB ports of a computer.

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